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English Bulldog Stud Service

We are proud to offer our English Bulldog stud services if you are interested in breeding a healthy litter. All of our studs follow the English bulldog standard and only breed perfect bulldog puppies. We focus strictly on the health of the litter. 

We believe in caring for our bulldogs like family and will only provide them with top-quality living quarters. We believe this quality of living reflects positively in the quality of their litter. We know you’ll notice the difference this makes too!

- Transcervical Insemination

Trans-cervical insemination is a method to deliver sperm directly into the uterus, bypassing the cervix. The advantage is the same as the surgical intrauterine method of insemination (commonly called an implant). Most of the sperm may not penetrate the cervix after routine vaginal insemination—this can be especially true for frozen or chilled semen, or in cases of bitch or stud dog decreased fertility. We use a video display to visualize the procedure. The procedure is painless and usually takes 15-30 minutes.


- Health and Wellness

We have a quarantine area for your bitch to ensure her health and safety while in our care.

- Progesterone Testing

We test your bitch daily to ensure she will be bred at the optimal time.

- Stud Quality

We work with our vet to test for quality in sperm count to ensure the highest chance for optimal fertilization resulting in larger litter size and healthy puppies. 

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